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SIP Voice

Delivering telephony over your data services gives you flexibility and availability; it allows you to make and receive calls in multiple locations and even via mobile data. Having access via mobile data means an immediate recovery during an Internet outage is possible also.

SIP Voice Professional provides a traditional "fixed line" equivilant and includes:

  • A single extension
  • Two concurrent channels
  • Calling Number Display
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Hosted phonebook
  • Web interface and soft clients
  • Hosting for a single geographic number

Recurring charges Rental
SIP Voice Professional $12.00
  • SIP Voice Professional is a package including 2 channels, 1 Geographic DID and 1 3CX Professional extension.
  • See 3CX Voice Options for a list of additional feature and option.
  • Number Porting is an additional service, not included in the setup fee.
  • Each call typically requires 100Kbps uncontended bandwidth up and down.
  • Hardware is not included in the setup or monthly rental fee.
Domestic Call Rates
Destination Minimum $ / Minute Untimed
Australia Fixed $0.12
Australian Mobile $0.13 $0.2600
Local Rate - 13 and 1300 $0.30
Freecall - 1800 $0.00
Emergency 000 or 106 $0.00
  • Calls are timed by the second and rounded up to the nearest whole cent after the call minumum has been reached.
  • Calls without a $ / Minute are fixed cost.
  • Prices are valid at November 14, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.
International Call Rates

International Call Costs are available here.

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