Voice Services

Number Portability

Local number portability is the procedure for moving (or porting) a local number between providers. We offer three type of port request:

  • Simple Port (CAT A)
  • Complex Port (CAT C)
  • Pre-port Number Validation (PNV)

Simple Port (CAT A)

Typically used to port telephone numbers associated with Simple Telephone Services (single numbers). It uses an automated method within a standard timeframe.

Simple Port Request (CAT A) Fee
First number (per attempt) $20.00
Second and subsequent numbers in the same request $5.00
  • There are various services that may hinder the porting of a number. Most common of these are line hunt and ISDN however there are many others.

Complex Port (CAT C)

Complex ports are applicable where project management is required due to the complexity of the telephone service in use. Complex services include multi-number DID ranges, ISDN, line hunt and many other services.

Complex Port Request (CAT C) Fee
1-5 numbers $140.00
6-20 numbers $170.00
21-100 numbers $330.00
101-200 numbers $450.00
201+ numbers $1000.00

Pre-port Number Validation (PNV)

A Pre-port Number Validation (or PNV) is an inter-carrier validation process intended primarily for CAT C Ports which requires the current provider to share and confirm the Service Information related to a single end customer’s telephone numbers.

Size of Pre-port Number Validation request Fee
1-5 numbers $120.00
6-20 numbers $200.00
21-100 numbers $240.00
101-200 numbers $420.00
201+ numbers $500.00

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