Voice Services

Voice Service

SIP Voice

Delivering telephony over your data service offers flexibility to pick up or make calls in multiple or mobile locations.

SIP Voice allows multiple calls in or outbound on a single number without the need for additional services such as hunt and redirects - you are in control of how, when and where your calls come in.

From a single number to as many as required using a single phone, computer or device app or a PBX system, we can advise on the data bandwidth and equipment needs.

See Pricing.

NBN Voice

NBN Voice is our no-fuss 'Add A Phone' to your NBN Connection service.

It works the same as your previous standard copper analogue phone system. Simply plug in your telephone to the newly installed NBN equipment.

NBN Voice is ideal for Small Business or Residential customers who have a need for one or two 'standard' phone lines.

See Pricing.

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