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Quality Business Broadband ADSL Australia-Wide

We can connect you to a high-quality Business Broadband service that will have you recommending it to your business associates, friends and family.

We have a low-contention network for our subscribers. This means our Australia-wide Business Broadband coverage offers quality connectivity at ALL times. We also recommend and supply routers that keep your network safe and secure. Business, home office and residential customers who want a better online experience can confidently subscribe to our Australia-wide Business Broadband service. Making the switch to IIG is easy. We are a participant of the Australia-wide Rapid Transfer scheme. This means you can start benefiting from our reputation as a quality provider of Australian broadband services without the usual activation waiting time.

Business Broadband ADSL Features

    Static IP address
    No overloaded networks
    No ISP imposed speed restrictions
    Customer service like it should be
    Unlimited phone & email support
    Consolidated data plans
    Unmetered downloads
    Plans that work the way you want
    Trusted ISP for 20 years
    Participant in Rapid Transfer scheme

The Business Broadband Plans Difference

Unlike common Internet plans, we have have made changes to allow you the greatest freedom in how you use your service.

We have dropped the traditional "Excess" charge, replacing it with a main stream model people understand; the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

We allow you to consolidate more than one service on a single data plan. This allows you to "bundle" services and make the most effective use of the data you purchase.

Business Broadband (ADSL) Prices

Your monthly rental for a single service consists of two parts, a data plan and one or more ADSL service (as shown below).

No Commitment 12 Month 24 Month
Connection Fee $170.00 $90.00 $0.00
Monthly Recurring Fee
  • On-Net - Up to 24Mbps / 1Mbps - Annex A
  • On-Net - Up to 20Mbps / 3Mbps - Annex M
  • Zone 1 - Up to 20Mbps / 1Mbps - Annex A
  • Zone 2 - Up to 20Mbps / 1Mbps - Annex A
  • Zone 3 - Up to 20Mbps / 1Mbps - Annex A



Early Disconnection Fee $0.00 $110.00 $170.00
Contract Tenure
    (per month remaining)
$0.00 $16.00 $16.00
  • All ADSL services require an associated data plan.
  • Includes 1 static IPv4 address.
  • All prices and fees shown apply to each individual service.
  • Where available, services are provided as one of: ADSL 2/2+ (24 / 1 Mbps Annex A, 20 / 3 Mbps Annex M, 20 / 1 Mbps Annex A) or ADSL 1 (8000 / 384 kbps, 1500 / 256 kbps, 512 / 512 kbps) dependent on exchange, infrastructure availability and line quality.
  • Service options and speed will vary dependant carrier availability, distance from your telephone exchange, quality of your telephone line and equipment used. Speeds indicated are the maximum transmission rates possible and are not guaranteed. Actual network speeds will be subject to network configuration, dimensioning, overhead, line quality, customer premises interference, distance from the exchange, exchange type, method of data transmission, hardware and software configuration and other technical parameters.
  • IIG provisions a low-contention network and takes no responsibility for other networks and associated congestion and faults.
Plan Minimum Purchase
$1.000 / GB No minimum purchase - Only pay for what you use
$0.200 / GB Minimum purchase $8.00 / 40GB per month
$0.180 / GB Minimum purchase $18.00 / 100GB per month
$0.168 / GB Minimum purchase $37.00 / 220GB per month
$0.130 / GB Minimum purchase $65.00 / 500GB per month
$0.085 / GB Minimum purchase $85.00 / 1000GB per month
$0.050 / GB Minimum purchase $100.00 / 2000GB per month
  • Data usage is defined as the sum of inbound (received) data and outbound (transmitted) data, transferred to and from the Internet by you, between 7am to 7pm AEST.
  • All prices and volumes are per calendar month.
  • Data Plan changes are free and take effect from the start of the next billing period.
  • See the Critical Information Summary for details.

Choosing The Right Plan For You

Not all plans are the same and not all will suit your usage. The "right plan" is the one that most closely matches what you need from it.

To assist you with knowing the factors that effect your usage, we have provided a generic guide to choosing the right plan.

We compare favourably in price to other major Australian ISPs, yet out do them on service and quality! Order your Business Broadband service now.

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Existing customer?

Your existing plans are not automatically moved to new pricing as this may require renewing a contract for the service and this may not be desired in some circumstances. Subscribers wishing to change should do so by sending us an online message.

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