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NBN Voice

NBN Voice is our no-fuss 'Add A Phone to your NBN FTTP Connection' service.

It works the same as your previous standard copper analogue phone system. Simply plug in your telephone to the newly installed NBN equipment.

NBN Voice is ideal for Small Business or Residential customers who have a need for one or two 'standard' phone lines.

If moving telephone services to the NBN, please read the document NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Battery Backup for important information.

Install and recurring charges Rental
NBN Voice Line $35.00
  • Number Porting is an additional service, not included in the setup fee.
  • Hardware is not included in the setup or monthly rental fee.
Simple Port Request (CAT A) Fee
First number (per attempt) $20.00
Second and subsequent numbers in the same request $5.00
  • There are various services that may hinder the porting of a number. Most common of these are line hunt and ISDN however there are many others.

Domestic Call Costs

Destination Minimum $ / Minute Untimed
Australia Fixed $0.12
Australian Mobile $0.13 $0.2600
Local Rate - 13 and 1300 $0.30
Freecall - 1800 $0.00
Emergency 000 or 106 $0.00
  • Calls are timed by the second and rounded up to the nearest whole cent after the call minumum has been reached.
  • Calls without a $ / Minute are fixed cost.
  • Prices are valid at August 14, 2022 and are subject to change without notice.

International Call Costs

International Call Costs are available here.

All rental prices shown are monthly recurring and inclusive of GST.

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