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Business Broadband Data Plans

We have have made changes to allow you the greatest freedom in how you use your services. Plans that work the way you want.

Business Broadband Data Plan Features

    Consolidate multiple services - a single data plan for all your services
    Sensible handling of excess usage - No exorbitant excess fees
    Attach ADSL and NBN service to the same plan
    Monthly plan you can change without penalty
    Unmetered downloads 7pm to 7am (AEST)

Consolidate multiple services

We allow you to consolidate more than one service on a single data plan. This allows you to 'bundle' services and make the most effective use of the data you purchase.

No exorbitant excess fees

We have dropped the traditional 'Excess Charge', replacing it with a main stream model people understand; the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Choosing The Right Plan For You

Not all plans are the same and not all will suit your usage. The "right plan" is the one that most closely matches what you need from it.

To assist you with knowing the factors that effect your usage, we have provided a generic guide to choosing the right plan.

Data Plan Prices

Plan Minimum Purchase
$1.000 / GB No minimum purchase - Only pay for what you use
$0.200 / GB Minimum purchase $8.00 / 40GB per month
$0.180 / GB Minimum purchase $18.00 / 100GB per month
$0.168 / GB Minimum purchase $37.00 / 220GB per month
$0.130 / GB Minimum purchase $65.00 / 500GB per month
$0.085 / GB Minimum purchase $85.00 / 1000GB per month
$0.050 / GB Minimum purchase $100.00 / 2000GB per month
  • Data usage is defined as the sum of inbound (received) data and outbound (transmitted) data, transferred to and from the Internet by you, between 7am to 7pm AEST.
  • All prices and volumes are per calendar month.
  • Data Plan changes are free and take effect from the start of the next billing period.
  • See the Critical Information Summary for details.

Unmetered downloads

We provide unmetered access 7pm to 7am (AEST) everyday on a network designed for business use, not choked by residential services.

As a subscriber of any IIG Broadband service, your services have unmetered access 12 hours of everyday, not just to a list of local service, but the whole Internet.

Data Plan Unmetered Highlights

    Unmetered hours when you can use them, not limited to the middle of the night
    Unmetered downloads do not contribute to monthly data allocation or excess
    No overloaded networks during unmetered times
    No 'Shaping' to contend with
    Ideal for home business and residential subscribers

What do the indicators mean?

Metered Your Internet usage is being metered against your monthly data plan allocation.
Metered The unmetered usage period starts within the hour.
Unmetered Your Internet usage is NOT being metered against your monthly data plan allocation.
Unmetered The unmetered usage period ends within the hour.
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