VPN Technology Delivers Cost Savings

Cost efficient and highly scalable, a VPN can successfully connect multi-site offices that use various ISP carriers.

If you don't need our innovative PrivateWAN that offers ISP-grade network performance and stress-free maintenance, then our VPN technology is a viable solution for your business.

Take advantage of our expertly designed Mesh or Star Topology VPN configurations. Regardless of your networking scenarios, our VPN technology can protect your business against Internet exploits and instantly increase your operation efficiency.

The Business Benefits

How our unsurpassed VPN designs can benefit your business:

    Blocks security threats
    Provides a reliable and secure connection
    Cuts communication costs
    Offers scalability and flexibility for business growth
    Upgrade path to a PrivateWAN

Get Connected

Let IIG apply their 18 years' experience and comprehensive understanding of networking principles to your business. Call us today about our cost-saving and security-enhancing VPN technology.

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