PrivateWAN Meets Your Business Growth

Choosing a secure Wide Area Network (WAN) and the right people to supply it will drastically cut your business costs and increase your productivity.

Let IIG manage and maintain your network, so you can focus on managing your business. Enjoy enhanced network security, high-performance connectivity and trusted reliability. If you are a multi-site organization (large or small) with offices located in metropolitan, regional or rural Australia, then a PrivateWAN is the perfect solution for you.

PrivateWAN: an ISP supplied solution

Regardless of your networking scenarios, a PrivateWAN supplied by a trusted Australian Internet Service Provider delivers real business benefits for you:

    Cut your IT and networking costs
    Consolidate your Internet connectivity and reduce your costs
    Remove bottlenecks and network congestion associated with multi-site VPNs
    Provide Internet mobility from within Australia or overseas
    Access management software to configure your Internet connectivity
    Collocation will instantly improve productivity and reliablity across sites

A PrivateWAN: better business sense by design

Choose a PrivateWAN and say goodbye to inflated overhead costs, time-wasting connection problems and complicated VPN maintenance. Your PrivateWAN is connected to the backbone of powerful ISP carrier equipment. This means you can enjoy ISP-grade network performance, sophisticated reliability and low latency.

Private IP network is PrivateWAN

A PrivateWAN also offers you superior security, as your traffic is never transported over the Internet. Consider replacing your heavily congested multi-site network with an innovative private IP network. Supplied by IIG, a private IP network has benefits beyond traditional multi-site WANs.

How an expertly designed PrivateWAN can strengthen your business:

    Ensures security from Internet exploits
    Offers you ISP-grade network performance
    Improves your network simplicity
    Eliminates costly maintenance
    Highly scalable

Let IIG save you time, money and frustration. Call us today about implementing a PrivateWAN and grow your business for the future.

Cut your IT and networking costs

Replace your complex, high-maintenance and costly VPN with an IIG PrivateWAN. Achieve ISP-grade network performance and reliable maintenance, minus the expense of in-house technical support.

What you will gain from implementing a PrivateWAN:

    More affordable to setup and maintain than a traditional VPN
    Better potential for increased site growth in the future
    Superior security (traffic remains safely within the PrivateWAN)

What you will eliminate by implementing a PrivateWAN:

    Eliminate the costly maintenance of VPN options
    Eliminate the stress of finding and retaining reliable VPN administrators
    Eliminate the cost of in-house training for a VPN
    Eliminate the complexity of a VPN design
    Eliminate the expensive routers and cut your overall costs

You can feel confident about outsourcing all of your technical requirements to IIG. Call us today to organize your cost-effective PrivateWAN.

Consolidate Internet connectivity: reduce costs

Imagine being able to purchase one Internet connection plan and divide it amongst all of your office sites. You can stop imagining. This cost-effective solution is exclusively available to clients who implement a PrivateWAN. Additionally, you can choose to add firewall and road warrior features to accommodate your business' needs.

Call us today to discuss how an innovative PrivateWAN Plus Internet Connectivity business solution can instantly reduce costs.

Collocation will instantly improve productivity and reliablity across Australian office sites

Implement a PrivateWAN and achieve optimal network performance without compromising security. Our innovative PrivateWAN offers ISP-grade network performance and stress-free maintenance.

How collocating your servers can benefit your business:

    Remove bottlenecks and dropouts that are common in a traditional VPN setup
    Instantly improve productivity and reliability across your multi-site business
    Achieve superior security within your PrivateWAN configuration

Our PrivateWAN Internet Connectivity & Collocation setup is reliable and affordable. Call us today about our cost-saving and security-enhancing solution.

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A PrivateWAN is better business sense by design. Following a technical assessment, we will supply the appropriate access technology and solutions for your business.

Call us today to discuss your business growth aspirations. Our innovative PrivateWAN options are expertly designed to better your business.

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