Collocate Your Servers, Securely Keep Your Servers Onsite or Create a Hybrid

Whether it's a dedicated physical rack mount or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), IIG can collocate your servers within world-class data centres and provide instant carrier-grade network performance.

How collocating your servers can benefit your business:

    Eliminate power, space and cooling issues
    Reduce IT operating costs
    Satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements
    Minimize risk and focus on core business
    Maximize availability and security for critical business applications
    Remove bottlenecks and dropouts common in a traditional VPN
    Instantly improve productivity and reliability across your multi-sites
    Achieve superior security within a PrivateWAN configuration

Access World-Class Data Centres

How collocating your servers can benefit your business:

    Carrier-grade centres Australia-Wide
    Secure and reliable data centre
    24 hour facility management
    Redundant failover systems
    24 / 7 access for authorized personnel
    Internal and external cable pathways
    24 / 7 onsite security controls
    Cost-effective remote hands and support

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

For offsite, remote server solutions, a Virtual Private Server is an affordable alternative to purchasing and collocating high-end dedicated server equipment. Confidently manage your application software remotely; our Virtual Private Servers are housed in carrier-grade data centres offering 99% up-time and redundancy.

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Get the high-performance connection you need at a price you can afford. Take advantage of our 18-year reputation for reliability and redundancy. Call us today to discuss your carrier-grade collocation.

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