Outsourcing Makes Good Business Sense

It's our job to save you time and effort, and help eliminate stress.

Engage the expertise of an ISP fluent in networking administration and security issues. We ensure you get the right networking solutions for your business. Take advantage of our personalized approach to innovative PrivateWAN solutions, cost-effective VPN technology, stress-free Managed Equipment and reliable Networking Consultations.

Better Solutions with ISP Design

Our managed solutions are properly designed and implemented. Quite simply, this makes excellent business sense for you.

The Business Benefits

How our unsurpassed managed solutions can benefit your business:

    Connect your offices and centralize your productivity
    Consolidate your Internet connectivity and reduce your costs
    Remove bottlenecks and network congestion
    Host your servers and improve productivity and reliablity
    Dramatically cut your IT and networking costs

Business-By-Business Approach

IIG does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will expertly configure your IT solutions to suit your individual needs. We will consider your bandwidth and redundancy requirements, your number of users and your workload. Following a careful assessment, we will supply the appropriate access technology and the right technical solutions for your business.

With a 18-year reputation for trusted managed solutions, you can feel confident about outsourcing all your technical requirements to IIG. Call us today to better your business.

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