DNS Hosting

Are you hosting website or email services on your network, or ours? If so, you'll need our DNS hosting service for improved performance.

At extremely competitive prices, our renowned 18-year reputation for reliable and trusted Australian hosting services is within your reach. Order your DNS Hosting service today or make an online enquiry about your requirements.

Get Domain Name Resilience

DNS hosting is an industry recommended network requirement for domain name resilience. Our networking experience is unsurpassed. We offer redundant and geographically dispersed name servers to delegate your domain names to.

Have you got a specialized setup? We can help. You can benefit from our expert knowledge and networking experience. Contact us to discuss your setup with a technical consultant fluent in ISP networking and redundancy issues.

Email Hosting Plans

Description Rental
  • DNS services
  • No setup fees
  • DNS zones on two or more authoritative name servers
  • Automatic zone updates
  • Unlimited technical support (7 days)
  • Professional management of your domain
  • ^ - Prices shown are per annum. Each package is available for a 24 months with a 10% discount.
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