Renew Your Domain Names

Renewing is simple and guaranteed

A renewal process ensures you secure your valuable business domain name. Re-registering an expired domain license can result in technical issues; your email and website services can stop working. Avoiding a frustrating and costly experience is easy. Like other businesses, you can choose to have your domain license renewed automatically. Click here to enquiry about setting up your automatic domain name renewal payments.

Take the worry out of securing your valuable business assets:

    Don't leave it until your domain name license has expired
    Keep your contact details up-to-date for renewal reminders
    Keep your credit card details up-to-date for automatic renewals

Don't lose your valuable business domain name asset

If you are thinking of renewing your domain after the license expiration date, don't! With IIG, we will provide you with timely renewal reminders to ensure your domain is renewed on time, every time.

Leaving it until your domain has expired is too late

Once a domain is expired, the domain is no longer yours and a simple renewal process is not available. What is more, your domain name is up-for-grabs by anyone, including your competitors.

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