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Connecting to a Session Border Controller

Our Session Border Controllers (SBC) are intended for trunk connections to downstream PBX equipment. They are limited to basic call routing and do not provide subscriber services (voicemail, redirection, etc.). It is not intended that end user's physical or soft phones be connected.


  • SIP/2.0 via either IPv4 UDP or TCP
  • RTP via UDP
  • DTMF RFC2833
  • SIP registration is required. We suggest between 600-3600 seconds depending on the stability of your IP address.
  • NAT is supported. All SIP/VoIP ALGs *MUST* be disabled.


As supported by your equipment, use "" for either DNS SRV or A record configuration.


We support the following codec(s):

  • G711a (alaw) | 8khz | 20ms


We support a primary and secondary target on each DID or DID range. The primary trunk is your usual equipment, while the secondary/failover can be either another trunk or a normal phone number. Where calls are directed to a normal phone number, call charges will apply to outbound calls.

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