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Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

What is the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

The Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) is a list of all public phone numbers. The database is a critical source of information for emergency services, law enforcement and national security agencies to assist them associate a phone number to an address.

However it is also used for non-critical purposes such as the publication of public number directories along with electoral, health and government policy research.

What in stored in the IPND database?

Every phone service in Australia (fixed, mobile and others) is stored in the IPND.

  • Customer phone number
  • Customer name
  • Customer service address
  • Directory listing preference (listed, unlisted etc)
  • For listed services, the name and address of the customer to appear in the public number directories
  • The type of service the phone number is e.g. fixed, mobile etc.

To maintain your privacy, access to the IPND data is strictly regulated.

Why is the IPND database important?

Incorrect information in the database can delay emergency responses when you dial '000', stop phone-based emergency warning systems working properly and possibly compromise investigations by law enforcement and national security agencies.

Are IIG phone numbers listed in the IPND database?

Yes. All SIP and NBN based services are included in the IPND. We use the details obtained during your service activation and verify those periodically by email.

My number is unlisted. Can I "opt out" of the IPND database?

No. It's inclusion is a requirement mandated under the Telecommunications Act 1997. Access to the IPND data is strictly regulated and not available publicly.

How do I update my IPND details?

We will email you periodically asking you to confirm the details are correct. If your circumstances change and you would like to make a change sooner, contact us and request a confirmation email be sent. When you receive the email, follow the instructions from there.

The email you receive will include a section like this:

IPND Contact - This contact is responsible for validating the IPND data (this is not a billing contact).

Account Holder         [1269999999-1]-[ Will Barrow ]
Account Email          [1269999999-2]-[ ]

IPND Numbers

 | Site Address        [0755501234-1]-[ UNIT 1 234 SOME STREET, BRISBANE QLD 4000 ]
 | Contact Name        [0755501234-2]-[ Will Barrow ]
 | Contact Number      [0755501234-3]-[ 0491570156 ]

When replying, provide the [0755501234-1]-[ ... ] section along with the new data.

Please Note

  • To avoid mistakes, we will not accept updates via telephone. You can only update your information by replying to the email and telling us what to change.
  • We require exact physical address (including any suite/floor/unit number); Postal addresses or PO Box is not acceptable for emergency service records.

For more information, please visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority website and search for 'IPND'.

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