Email Quotas / Limits

Each person using email is assigned a maximum quota limit for his or her email account? This limit applies whether you are using Webmail, Thunderbird, Outlook or another email system and is often more relevant to those using IMAP rather than POP3. The typical quota allocation for each mailbox is 250 megabytes (MB).

What happens when I exceed my quota limit?

Once you have exceeded your quota, you enter a 28 day grace period. During the grace period, you will still be able to receive email but will receive weekly warning notices. These notices show how far over quota you are and how long you have to correct this situation.

If you are still over quota when the grace period expires, you will no longer be able to receive new email. Any email for your account will be returned as "undelivered mail" with the message 'error writing message: Disk quota exceeded'. You will still be able to access your email and send mail to others, however incoming email will stop until you free up some space for the new messages.

Staying within the Quota Limit

You can avoid exceeding your quota by following the guidelines listed below. Most of these guidelines apply to those using IMAP or Webmail but should be considered by those doing POP3 also.

  • When you download your email, ensure the option to leave mail on the server is not set inappropriately.
  • Empty your Sent folder. If your email program is configured to save every email you send in your Sent folder, then the amount of email in your Sent folder may become large.
  • Go through all your mailboxes periodically and delete outdated or unwanted email.
  • Save important email messages to your hard drive, CD, or flash drive.
  • Empty your Deleted Items or Trash regularly. Don't rely on the server to do this for you.

How do I remove email from the server

There are a number of approaches depending on how you check your email now.

  • If you are using POP3, you should confirm that the setting to leave mail on the server is set and configured for 7-10 days at most.
  • If you are using IMAP, you should simply archive the email to your machine and delete it (remember to purge/compact mailbox).
  • In either case, you can login via Webmail ( and delete mail. Webmail is looking directly at the messages on the server so this is the most direct method.

Can I increase my quota on the server

Yes. There are a number of levels depending on what you need.

  • Increase to 650MB -- $65.00pa.
  • Increase to 1500MB -- $120.00pa.
  • Increase to 2500MB -- $230.00pa.
  • Consider Premium Email

Can I check my quota now?

Yes. You can get an automatic report sent to your email address by going to

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