Voice Services

SIP Voice

Delivering telephony over your data service offers flexibility to pick up or make calls in multiple or mobile locations.

SIP Voice allows multiple calls in or outbound on a single number without the need for additional services such as hunt and redirects - you are in control of how, when and where your calls come in.

From a single number to as many as required using a single phone, computer or device app or a PBX system, we can advise on the data bandwidth and equipment needs.

Install and recurring charges Setup Rental
2 Channel Pack $6.00
4 Channel Pack $12.00
8 Channel Pack $24.00
Single Number Hosting $6.00
Single Number (simple) Port Request (per attempt) $20.00
Multiple Number (complex) Port Request $450.00
  • Not all carriers participate in number portability. Currently numbers can be ported from Telstra, Optus, AAPT and Primus.
  • There are various services that may hinder the porting of a number. Some of these include the number being prime in a hunt groups or provisioned on ISDN.
Domestic Call Costs
Destination Minimum $ / Minute Untimed
Australia Fixed $0.12
Australian Mobile $0.13 $0.2600
Local Rate - 13 and 1300 $0.30
Freecall - 1800 $0.00
Emergency 000 or 106 $0.00
  • Calls are timed by the second and rounded up to the nearest whole cent after the call minumum has been reached.
  • Calls without a $ / Minute are fixed cost.
  • Prices are valid at September 23, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.
Internation Call Costs

Internation Call Costs are available here.

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