Internet Services

Big Access for your Small Office Home Office

Just because you work from home, doesn't mean you need to suffer a slow residential grade Internet connection.

Signup online for IIG’s business broadband service and get all the benefits of a true business grade internet service and still get unmetered downloads for the home when you are finished for the day.

    Quality access to the backbone
    Full bandwidth access without shaping
    Everything unmetered 7pm to 7am, everyday of the year

Switch to an IIG ADSL or NBN service today. Our 18-year reputation in customer care sets us apart from others.

Consolidate Data Plans: Reduce Costs

Connect services at different locations and start to save on unsed data each month. With IIG’s data plans, your home service can "piggy back" on your business plan, reducing the combined cost and sharing the data allocation more evenly.

No ISP Imposed Restrictions

Choose a monthly broadband Internet plan for your Small Office Home Office, and never deal with ISP imposed shaping or restrictions because of monthly download allocations, or overloaded networks. Signup with IIG today, and confidently connect your metro or regional sites to the Internet.

Learn about all the features of a PrivateWAN or call us today to discuss our innovative PrivateWAN connectivity solution.

Avoid Broadband Traps

All broadband networks are the same, right? Wrong. Don't be seduced by other broadband network providers who offer "unlimited" products or sell you basic connection "kits". Apart from overloading their broadband network and slowing down your Internet access, they can make your computer vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

At IIG, we take pride in offering quality Australian broadband services with features that benefit business and residential users.

Not sure which Internet service is best for you? Call our dedicated team today on 1300 552 795 to discuss your requirements or make an enquiry online.

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