Internet Services

Residential More Value Broadband

Enjoy our quality access features and unmetered downloads every night. For a better online experience, connect to a quality ISP.

Australian residential broadband Internet doesn't have to mean second-grade access. Signup with IIG today. Connect to a hassle free ISP network, and enjoy effortless downloads and low-latency gaming. Stay in touch with friends and family without the frustrations of an average or entry level residential broadband service.

    Everything unmetered 7pm to 7am, everyday of the year
    Full bandwidth access without shaping
    5x mailboxes with spam & virus filtering
    Low-contention and uncongested network guaranteed

Unshaped Residential Broadband Service

At IIG, you will never deal with ISP imposed shaping or restrictions because of monthly download allocations or overloaded networks. What is more, you can do away with cheap entry level monthly broadband plans that still require you to buy the "optional extras" to let you experience the Internet like it should be. Choose the way you want to connect with friends and family.

No VoIP service conflicts. Do away with bundled services that restrict your choice. IIG's residential broadband service offers the freedom to select your preferred VoIP provider.

No port restrictions. IIG offers quality access to host your own web and email servers with a provisioned static IP address.

Customer Service Like It Should Be

At IIG, we didn't have to bring back good old fashion customer service. It never left the country! Our dedicated team offer hassle-free and reliable technical support, 7 days a week, 8.30am to 7pm (excluding public holidays).

Enjoy the Internet like it should be: unshaped and unmetered. Select a Broadband NBN or ADSL monthly plan for your home.

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